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Acolyte Heroes - Geargirl by NewEraOutlaw Acolyte Heroes - Geargirl by NewEraOutlaw
Meet Geargirl, who was the third hero to join the fold.

Gifted with extraordinary intelligence, Geargirl always had a knack for invention. She built her first fusion reactor at the age of nine (and won first prize in the science fair that day), earning her a lot of media attention and praise. She was then invited to attend the Ultra Matum Academy for Scientific Arts, which she graduated with First Class honors. She was also inducted into the Mensa society at 14 for her outstanding genious.

Despite all of this, however, Geargirl could not help but feel a sense of emptiness deep inside despite her accomplishments....sure, she had brains, beauty and fame, but what was her purpose in life? She would soon find the answer when she was approached by Blaze to join the Acolytes. Surely a girl with her high intellect would be most useful to the team, and her knack for invention could help in their heroic pursuits. Without hesitation, she packed her bags, and went with Blaze to live in the Acolyte Base. Almost immediately, she began to tinker around, and, in no time flat, a security grid was up and running. Geargirl is also responsible for the Training Room where the Acolytes sharpen their skills, as well the robotic gauntlets and jet powered boots which she uses to fight the bad guys alongside the Acolytes. She also acts as a navigator when her assistance is needed in that field.

Though gifted with intellegence that surpasses all of her teammates, Geargirl doesn't rub it in their faces that she's smarter than them (although it helps when she ribs them). She's happy most of the time, (primarily because she enjoys seeing her inventions being field tested and her own brainpower is being constantly tested) and has an upbeat, albeit mature personality.

From: Korea
Age: 25
Special Powers/Abilities: Extremely high intellect/Expert Navigator/Robotic Gauntlets/Jet Powered Boots
Team: Acolytes
Status: Head Navigator, Mechanic and Technical Advisor
Alignment: Good
Fighting Styles: Sambo Wrestling techniques (programmed into her gauntlets), Ninjitsu (which sometimes surprises her teammates)
Weapons: Her Robotic Gauntlets are like Swiss army knives, capable of concealing and revealing many weapons and projectiles, including (but not limited to) Blades, Grenades, Heat Seekers and even a fire extinguisher (when Blaze accidentally sets things on fire with his hands). She also carries around a huge wrench which helps her fix (as well as damage) anything.
Allies: Blaze, Crystal, New Era Outlaw, Rampage

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charizardag Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
oh, she looks kick-ass
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December 7, 2005
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