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Acolyte Heroes -New Era Outlaw by NewEraOutlaw Acolyte Heroes -New Era Outlaw by NewEraOutlaw
Yeah, you probably know way too much about him already, but, in the spirit of things, here he is...again :lol:

Ever the wisecracker, the New Era Outlaw brings to the table not only his sharpshooting skills, but his sharp tongue as well.
Encountered by Crystal in a watering hole in the plains of Texas, the man known as NEO was a pleasant stranger who was deeply troubled. His girlfriend, Melissa, had been murdered prior to meeting Crystal, and he was still reeling from that fact.
It was then that they would both encounter Melissa's killer- the crazed hunter known as the Abominator, who was hunting NEO down for reasons unknown. During the battle, Crystal obsevred a whole new side to the gunslinger she had met earlier- when enraged, blades started to appear in several places about his body, and he began to attack almost instinctively, causing Abominator severe damage and his retreat. Crystal, seeing something deep within him, brought him to the Acolytes, where he has been a mainstay ever since.

Over time, NEO has gotten along remarkably well with his new friends, and even developed a sense of humour, which is evident during battles with the bad guys or even when he's just monkeying around. He often spends his time roaming the countryside on his motorcycle (he doesn't like to be cooped up at home for too long) or chatting with Crystal, who he has developed a very close friendship with. He also pals around with Raven, spending some time trying to 'cheer him up'. He also has somewhat of a sibling rivalry with Rampage, but they still get along pretty well. However, despite his optimism and laid back personality, he shows a completely different side when enraged....

From: Texas, USA
Age: 23
Special Powers/Abilities: Energy Dispersal/Cybernetic Exo-Structure/Cellular Regeneration/Blades (when enraged)
Team: Acolytes
Status: Field Agent/ Weapons Expert
Alignment: Good
Fighting Styles: Hapkido (previous martial arts training), Chun Kuk Do (learned from a rugged brawler known as Flint Westridge)
Weapons: Handguns, Shotgun, Blades (when enraged)
Allies: Crystal, Rampage, Raven, Blaze, Geargirl
Enemies: Abominator

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charizardag Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
meh. its still coo.
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December 7, 2005
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