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December 7, 2005
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Acolyte Heroes - Rampage by NewEraOutlaw Acolyte Heroes - Rampage by NewEraOutlaw
Introducing the last member of the core team, Rampage.

Rampage was the final addition to the team already comprising of heroes such as Crystal and the New Era Outlaw. Rampage's own powers came about as a result of him volunteering to participate in a 'strength enhancement serum' experiment, so that his good friend in college could pay the bills and continue his education. Rampage felt no different after the serum was applied (other than minute wozziness), and went on to compete in a college football game. However, at a crucial moment in the game when he was about to make a touchdown and the only person in his way was the star quarterback from the rival team, Rampage's strength and body mass suddenly climbed, resulting in his colliding with his rival, who was sent flying straight into the goalpost (causing significant damage to the ringpost and the person). Astonished, Rampage ran off, ashamed of what had happened. He would eventually fall into the wrong crowd, going by the name of 'Rampage', and acted as the muscle of the gang.
However, the moment of truth came when the Acolytes confronted the gang, especially with the New Era Outlaw (who he recognised as his own brother) in tow- Rampage turned on them and joined the Acolytes. He came to grips that this was not what his powers were meant for, and decided that if he was to be the muscle of anything, it would be for the Acolytes.

Rampage tends to be somewhat quiet, and seldom speaks, but he still gets along in good terms with his new friends. Rampage also strives to be the best, and constantly trains for the battles ahead. He possesses somewhat of a sibling rivalry with his brother, but, in due time, they have become a very effective team (even creating several moves to use against their enemies).
As a result of the serum, he possesses superhuman strength as well as durability. Ironically, he is the youngest of the Acolytes, but acts the most mature. Irked enough, though, he flies into a terrible rage, and has caused several million dollars worth of damage in his lifetime (he does community service to pay off these damages).

From: North Dakota, USA
Age: 18
Special Powers/Abilities: Super Strength/Invulnerable/Can create earthquakes by stomping on the ground
Team: Acolytes
Status: Field Agent, Demolition
Alignment: Good
Fighting Styles: Wrestling, Judo, Pi Gua (he learned this from Crystal to help him relax)
Weapons: Although he prefers to use his bare hands, he has made from solid granite, a 7 foot, 350 pound sword. Calling this the 'Golem Sword', each swing can cause huge damage, and, given Rampage's strength levels, can create shockwaves that blow away nearby obstacles. Given the girth of the blade, Rampage is the only person who can actually use it.
Allies: New Era Outlaw, Crystal, Raven, Blaze, Geargirl
Enemies: Blastzone

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