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Acolyte Heroes - Raven by NewEraOutlaw Acolyte Heroes - Raven by NewEraOutlaw
The mysterious one in the fold, Raven.

For the most part, Raven's life before his tenure in the Acolytes was steeped by tragedy. At a young age, he developed black, raven-like wings which sprouted from his back. Not knowing what to make of it, he always kept it concealed, knowing he may be treated as an outcast for them. Later on, he was recruited into the NYPD, and became one of their top officers, holding a track record of never having a single suspect escape from him. The secret behind this, however, was Raven's wings, which helped him to propel above his target's heads without being seen and then swoop for the kill.

Raven's effective skills as an officer and as a detective caught the eye of one of the fiercest overlords in the criminal underground, who wanted to recruit him into his fold. But, knowing that he wouldn't come peacefully, he created an ambush with saw Raven captured and brainwashed. For a time, Raven became part of the Black Vulcan, headed by the evil Vulturo, who taught him everything he knew. However, thanks to the Acolytes, he broke free of his mental bondage and attacked Vulturo. The resulting battle, however, would end somewhat bitterly for Raven, as his former mentor would bury his claws into his wings and impair his ability to fly. He then developed a very hateful attitude towards Vulturo, and has since been the more reserved of the Acolytes.

Raven possesses incredible detective skills from his tenure as a police officer, and has also learned many useful tricks about the criminal underground from Vulturo (a fact that Vulturo regrets and resents to this day). He is also a fierce fighter, armed with a double staff that breaks apart to form double swords. He also uses razor sharp darts as offensive weapons, and, if he feels it's necessary(or if he's feeling a bit wicked), a grenade ends up chained to each of them. Because of his unfortunate past, Raven tends to be a bit distant from his teammates, but will lend them a hand if he's needed. In spite of this, he -does- possess a sense of humour, and is a good ally against the forces of evil.

From: New York, USA
Age: 23
Special Powers/Abilities: Flight/Detective skills/Knowledge of the criminal underground
Team: Acolytes
Status: Recon/Spy/Infiltrator
Fighting Styles: Tang So Doo (taught to him during his tenure in the NYPD), Escrima (personal instruction from Vulturo himself)
Weapons: An energy staff that breaks into separate sword-weapons, Darts (occasionally tipped with grenades)
Allies: New Era Outlaw, Blaze
Enemies: Vulturo and the Black Vulcan

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charizardag Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2005
this one is nice. they all are cool
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December 7, 2005
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