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April 1, 2013
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Nicktoons - Dr. Hutchison by NewEraOutlaw Nicktoons - Dr. Hutchison by NewEraOutlaw
Well, folks. Your waiting has come to an end! No longer does Really Really Big Man have to carry the Rocko's Modern Life banner alone, for he is joined by a new challenger, who is-

DR. HUTCHISON? What are you doing here?! And....aren't you a surgeon?

"Well, I was.....but I guess I just couldn't cut it! Hahahaha!!!"

Good one. But really, why are you here? I think I speak for everybody when I say that we were all expecting a certain wallaby to make his debut here. You know, Ro-

"Haven't seen him."

You haven't?


Not at all.

"That's right."

Well damn.

"Oh, don't you worry. I'm sure he's hanging around someplace. As to why I'm here, I- oh darn, I gotta go. But hey, that's why you write those bio thingies for us down below, right? Sorry I couldn't stay, see ya, and try to stay out of trouble. 'Kay?"

*sigh* I guess so.

Huh. Well, imagine that. Who would've thunk that on this day of all days, that would've happened? Well, guess I've got a job to do.

Fun Fact: I'm actually watching her debut episode as I'm typing this. Also, I was listening to this when I was drawing her, but I already had the idea for her wielding a chainsaw beforehand.…

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X #47
Dr. Hutchison

From: "Rocko's Modern Life"
First Appearance: "Rinse and Spit", November 14th, 1993.

Bio: The doctor is in! Ever the upbeat optimist, Dr. Hutchison was one of the normal (and we use the term loosely) citizens of O-Town, a trusted dentist/surgeon/pharmacist/canine nutritionist/etcetera in the community, as well as a devoted wife and mother. One day upon returning home, she discovered that her husband, Filburt and their children had all come down with a mysterious illness....the likes of which she had never seen before! At the same time, news broke of an invasion by an evil ghost army upon the citizens of O-Town, carrying with them a plague that caused an illness similar to what her family came down with!

With no time to lose and determined to find a cure to save her family and the folks of O-Town, Hutch gathers her surgical tools, and joins the heroes to help anyone she can!

Special Powers/Abilities:

- Carries a wide variety of 'surgical instruments' to help heal/damage targets, inclusive of: a large medical syringe, a mallet (it's an effective anesthetic!), a laser scalpel (high tech surgery for the girl on the go!) a surgical 'chainsaw' (for those really tough jobs!) and a metallic hook mounted where her right hand should be.

Main Quotes:

- "Stand back, folks! The doctor is in! Kay?" (Intro)
- "This is probably going to hurt you a lot more than it's going to hurt me." (Intro)
- "Looks like it's time for your checkup!" *revs up chainsaw* "Er...whoops!" *puts it away* "How'd that get there?" *giggles* (Intro)
- "Prepped and ready for surgery!" (Intro)
- "Wow. Looks like I'm too late to save you!" (Intro against the Flying Dutchman)
- "Hate to say, but you look a little blue in the face, big guy! *giggles*" (Intro against Really Really Big Man)
- "Aww.....are you sick, little girl?" (Intro against Vendetta)
- "A little green in the gills? I've got the cure for what ails you, buddy!" (Intro against Reptar)
- "You...kinda remind me of my husband. Any relation?" (Intro against Raphael)
- "Whoa there. Getting a bit catty, aren't we?" (Intro against Kitty Katswell)
- "You should stop slapping that poor kitty right now! You could be causing brain trauma!" (Intro against Ren and Stimpy)
- "I -knew- I should've packed some of Filb's 'Spirit Away' for this!" (Intro against any ghost opponent except the Flying Dutchman)
- "Water deprivation can be damaging to your health. Just like me, if you want to test me." (Intro against Rango) *X-Box 360 only*
- "Don't you give me that attitude, mister! You're getting your checkup, and you're going to like it!" (Intro against Tai Lung)
- "Shame on you! You call yourself a Doctor?" (Intro against Dr. Blowhole)
- "Hey, Rock! Fancy meeting you here!" *giggles* (Intro against Rocko)
- "Beaver Fever? Hope that's not contagious!" (Intro against Muscular Beaver if he's wearing his Alternate Costume)
- "Sorry I can't stay. My family needs me! Kay?" (Win Pose)
- "My diagnosis is complete! You've got a severe case of losing!" (Win Pose)
- "Messing with me or my family can be hazardous to your health!" (Win Pose)
- "Groovy." (Win Pose)
- *giggles* You may be bad to the bone, but there's only one Turtledove for me!" (Win Pose against Raphael)
- "Tsk, tsk. Such a bad temper. You're definitely not getting a lollipop." (Win Pose against Tai Lung)
- "Give your ill-mannered friend a couple hours in the Happy Helmet, that should smooth things out!" (Win Pose against Ren and Stimpy)
- "See me when this all blows over. Even superheroes need checkups every once in a while!" (Win Pose against Really Really Big Man)
- "Sorry, Charlie!" (Win Pose against Dr. Blowhole)
- "You know, I wouldn't be surprised if that jackhammer's given you a migraine by now! Take two pills and see me tomorrow, 'kay? (Win Pose against Rocko)
- "Bye Bye, Beaver! *giggles*" (Win Pose against Muscular Beaver)
- "You poor thing! I think going so long without water had made your stir crazy!" (Win Pose against Rango) *X-Box 360 only*
- "Take two headache pills and call me in the morning. You're gonna need 'em!" (Victory Screen)
- "Wait, don't run away! All I wanted to do was take your temperature!" (Victory Screen)
- "Don't be afraid! The chainsaw's for really tough operations! Now stay perfectly still, you've got a little hangnail there..." (Victory Screen)
- "What's my job, exactly? I don't know....truth be told, I've been so many things, I kinda lost track!" (Victory Screen)
- "Aw! Sorry, I can't give you your flu shot! Your skin keeps breaking my needles!" (Victory Screen against Really Really Big Man)
- "Yellowing teeth, horrid breath, a deathly green pallor....if you weren't a monster, I'd assume you were already dead! So I guess...a perfect bill of health?" (Victory Screen against the Gromble)
- "Sorry, buddy. You're kinda cute, but I'm a happily married gal! But hey, maybe you can help Filburt put on a few muscles, hm?" (Victory Screen against Raphael)
- "You should be a doctor to help people, not harm them! And what do you have against penguins, anyway? They're cute!" (Victory Screen against Dr. Blowhole)
- "No, I won't have a look at THAT! I've been many things, but I'm NOT that kind of doctor!" (Victory Screen against Sheen)
- "I hated to have to do that, Rock. You just wanted to help save O-Town, like I do!" (Victory Screen against Rocko)
- "I didn't know the Chameleon Brothers had a long lost cousin! Or at least.....I think you guys might be related...." (Victory Screen against Rango) *X-Box 360 only*
- "Oh my! Who could be so cruel as to glue the two of you together like that? But don't worry, good old Hutchy's here to help! Now hold still...." (Victory Screen against Catdog)

Other Quotes:

- *yawns* (Taunt #1)
- *laughs* (Taunt #2)
- "Are you......okay?" *tilts head* (Taunt #3)

- "Hi there!" (Tag In)
- "Bye Bye!" (Tag Out)
- "Mind if I cut in?" (If first to perform a Delayed Hyper Combo)
- "I hope your insurance covers this!" (If second to perform a Delayed Hyper Combo)
- "This is NOT OKAY!!" (Loss if hit with Hard Attack)
- "Tell my kids....I love 'em." (Loss if hit with a Light Attack)
- *shrugs shoulders and tilts head to the left with a sad look on her face* (Loss via Time Over)

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