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July 5, 2013
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Nicktoons - Mikey Simon (Wii-U Exclusive!) by NewEraOutlaw Nicktoons - Mikey Simon (Wii-U Exclusive!) by NewEraOutlaw
Surprise! Kappa Mikey is the Wii-U Exclusive!

Now, you might be wondering why I chose him, since, after all, he was on the poll, but didn't make the cut, and also for the reason that I had promised that one of the candidates from the polls that won the vote would be DLC.

Well, I decided that it wouldn't be exactly fair to constrict Plankton or Zuko to being solely on the Wii (especially since their castmates are on the roster), and like them or not, Catdog is still one of the mainstay Nicktoons. Mikey actually placed consistently well on the polls, so much so that he always seemed to run second on the results. That, and Kappa Mikey was originally a Nicktoons Network exclusive show, so why not make him a console exclusive character, on a Japanese system, to boot?

Ultimate Nickelodeon Brawl Stars X #W-1
Mikey Simon

From: "Kappa Mikey"
First Appearance: "The Lost Pilot", January 6th, 2006

Bio: Mikey Simon is the American star of the hit Japanese series "LilyMu!", playing a brave superhero known as "Kappa Mikey", who, together with his friends, has to stop the evil Gonard from taking over Japan! Off the set, Mikey is your average American boy trying to fit in to a strange culture whilst trying to keep in the good graces of his boss, Mr. Ozu. At times, he can be pretty impulsive and reckless, which puts him and his cast in very odd predicaments, but in the end, he always comes through.

One day, Mikey was summoned to Mr. Ozu's office.

"Mikey! Our ratings have not been doing too well! But I have a plan with my number one star!"


"They are looking for a guest star for a new fighting game. With this exposure, LilyMu will get very good publicity!"


Mikey: "I got it, boss, but....I'm not really much of a fighter-"

"Worry not, my star! I will spare no expense with providing you everything you need for your battle! You will use the props from the LilyMu show itself!"


"Now, go out there and make LilyMu famous!"


"...please stop doing that, Yes-Man."

Mikey: A fighting game, huh? Featuring Nickelodeon's biggest stars? I can't pass this up! All right, let's do this!"

Special Powers/Abilities:

- Wields several gadgets from the hit Japanese TV Show, LilyMu!, inclusive of the LilyMu Lazer Blaster, grappling hook launchers, buzzsaw boomerangs, and much more.


"Time to show you guys how a star really shines!" (Intro)
"Let's do this!" (Intro)
"I'm the star of LilyMu! You can't touch this!" (Intro)
"Be sure to get my good side, camera boy!" (Intro against Tommy Pickles)
"So. You're Japanese, huh? Imagine that." (Intro against Kimi Finster)
"Hey, a friend of mine's a big fan! Can I get your autograph?" (Intro against Ember)
"Big dinosaur? Wow, Guano went all out this time!" (Intro against Reptar)
"Wow, love your costume! You really look like the real deal!" (Intro against RRBM)
", Lily would kill you for wearing your underwear on the outside like that!" (Intro against Doug as Quailman)
"...does Guano know you raided his laundry?" (Intro against Muscular Beaver)
"Hey, I've heard of you! Let's see how sharp those claws are!" (Intro against El Tigre)
"I've fought villains on my show, but not IRL!" (Intro against Villains except Ember)
"WHOA. I've seen enough anime to know where that thing is going!" (Intro against Dr. Hutchison)
"Whoa, watch it with that sword! Do I look like a bonsai tree or something?!" (Intro against the Flying Dutchman)
"Hero for Hire? How much does it pay?" (Intro against Misty)
"Oh yeah! Who's the man? Who's. The man?" (Win Pose)
"You've got to wake up pretty early to outwit me, Kappa Mikey!" (Win Pose)
"Man, I could go for a slice right about now!" (Win Pose)
"Hope you got some good shots of that buttkicking!" (Win Pose against Tommy Pickles)
"Talk about a culture clash." (Win Pose against Kimi Finster)
"You know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder they fall!" (Win Pose against Reptar)
"No wonder Lily's one of your biggest fans, you two got a lot in common in being crazy!" (Win Pose against Ember)
"Yowch! Those claws ain't no props, that's for sure!" (Win Pose against El Tigre)
"Sorry, doc. I was never a fan of taking my shots!" (Win Pose against Dr. Hutchison)
"You've got a crew? Talk about your ship of fools..." (Win Pose against The Flying Dutchman)
"Man. Whoever's paying's not enough." (Win Pose against Misty)
"Hope Ozu saw that amazing display of talent!" (Victory Screen)
"Now you see why I'm what they call an 'exclusive character'? I'm far too good for this." (Victory Screen)
"I'd give you a slice, but I think Gonard might have sat on this one." (Victory Screen)
"You wouldn't last on Japan's sets. Directors on our turf tend to drop like flies!" (Victory Screen against Tommy Pickles)
"A Japanese girl on American soil meets an American guy on Japanese turf. Sounds like one of those girly flicks Mitsuki and Lily watch all of the time, if you ask me!" (Victory Screen against Kimi Finster)
"Don't they serve things that look like you in sushi restaurants?" (Victory Screen against Dr. Blowhole)
"Not a big fan of pirates. Last one I dealt with tried to kidnap my friend when I bought a game from him!" (Victory Screen against The Flying Dutchman/Ember in Halloween Costume)


- *yawns and stretches* (Taunt #1)
- "I'm missing the big match...for this?" (Taunt #2)

- "In the house!" (Tag In)
- "You take 'em!" (Tag Out)
- "Get ready for something BIG!" (If first to perform a Delayed Hyper Combo)
- "It's all or NOTHING!" (If second to perform a Delayed Hyper Combo)
- "AAAAAHH!" (Loss if hit with Hard Attack)
- "I hope Ozu's paid me enough....for this...." (Loss if hit with a Light Attack)
- "Man, that is SO cheap!" (Loss via Time Over)

Lily: WAIT A SECOND. HE gets to represent our show?! But I was the original star of LilyMu! GRRR, THAT SPOTLIGHT STEALING PIG, I'LL *breaks tv*
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I love your creativity to this idea!
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I imagine Miley's alt. costume to be his everyday clothes, and his Halloween costume being a guano costume, or the big guy's (name escapes me) villan form.

That, or a mega hero version.
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IT'S ABOUT TIME I saw SOMETHING referencing this show!
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Well I approve ;-)
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Let's see...

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So all that's left is the PS3 exclusive, another Japanese console, generally colored black.... Hmm... I'm drawing a blank.... Po, maybe?
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Who would be the PS3 exclusive?
LeeHatake93 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
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